Our Spoiled Girls

It’s true – all my girls are spoiled. Although they are truly sweet and loving, they are not quite as “needy” as the boys, but as you can see, they are still just as affectionate. While they love to kiss and snuggle, they still tend to be a little more independent than the boys. Thank goodness too! Besides, I depend on these girls to keep the boys in line!

Pamela and Penny
© Tom Wiegard / The Winning Image

GCH ChriMaso's Come On Baby, Light My Fire


GCH ChriMaso's Birthday Surprise For Tered
CH ChriMaso's Love is in the Air
CH ChriMaso's Love on the Run
Flute GCH ChriMaso’s A Midsummer Night's Dream
CH Ipolani & ChriMaso's Pretty Little Picture
Tiffany Am GCH/Can CH ChriMaso's Dripping in Diamonds
Doodles Am/Can CH ChriMaso’s Doodlebug Kiss for Ipolani
Tequila CH Tequila Sunrise III
Serene Togra ChriMaso Crystal
Penny Am/Can CH ChriMaso’s Lucky Copper Coin
Belle ChriMaso’s JingleBell Casino
Ruthie Int’l CH ChriMaso’s Ruth ala Loretta

All dogs used for breeding are tested as recommended by the Boston Terrier Club of America's Health Committee. Tests for deafness (BAER), genetic eye disease (CERF), and luxating patella are all performed at the suggested intervals. In addition, each of my dogs are cardiac tested and have their spines x-rayed and reviewed by the Orthodpedic Foundation for Animals. Results are all made public and all certifications can be viewed online at the OFA website.