Past Litters

Okay, I’m a goober – I admit it…    I like everything organized and systematic, so all of my puppies are named in themes based upon which letter of the alphabet I am currently on.  The litters below are those that I have produced since I moved from Texas to California. 

So far, there are litter themes from Christmas Carols to Wine.  Obviously “X” is the letter for my next litter.  What do you think my next theme might be?????

Christmas Songs
Just in Time for the New Year!

This is one Intoxicating Litter!
This litter is more than just ELEMENTary!
Fairy Tales
The Moral of the Story:
 It's Quality, Not Quantity that Matters!
Gambling Terms
You can't lose with these pups!!
Every day is a HOLIDAY with these pretty babies!
These little ones get more than under your skin...
They worm their way into your heart!
There's nothing more precious than these Jewels!

J2 amey's Road Crew
These puppies are on the road to stardom!
K arma
You don't have to believe in Karma to believe in this litter!
K2 eeper of Blair's Art
Just look at these gorgeous masterpieces!
How can you not love this precious baby?
This litter is an American Classic!
Any way you count it, this litter is A-1!!
This pup will easily surf his way into your heart!
This litter gives you reason to PARTY!!
No QUESTION about it, this pup is gorgeous!
Rock & Roll
This classic little girl will ROCK your world!
It goes without SAYING, you’ll have a “Crush” on this baby in no time!
TV Shows
Stay tuned and watch these special pups steal the (TV) SHOW.
These are the best pups in the UNIVERSE!
It doesn’t matter what VEHICLE you use, this guy will move you!