Just for Fun

This is where you're going to find snapshots on the fun part of owning and showing dogs.  We'll have videos of life at home with the doggies,  pictures of my dogs and my friends' dogs at home and at the dog shows, doggy to human kissy face , doggy to doggy bitey face, etc.   We'll even have pictures showing the part of the dog show circuit you won't see on TV, such as:

Butt Kisser
Politics is huge in showing dogs.
Butt kissing is very prevalent.
 Dog showing is ruthless....
Dognappers - JK  :-)
You never know when someone
will try to steal your dog
right out from under your nose.
Misbehaving Show Dog
Hours of training is required
to present a dog at his best

Hey, do I know you?

Watching ringside...

Whatcha got in your hand, Momo?

Hurry, Momo!  We gotta GO!!!
After the show...

Some days you get a ribbon.
On others?  Well...

Stay tuned for more...