Drinks Litter

This is one intoxicating litter!
July 2004

Sire: CH Cool's Big Bang Theory - "Cannon"
Dam: Int'l CH ChriMaso's Ruth ala Loretta - "Ruthie"

ChriMaso's White Russian - "Tasha" (changed to Beemer)
Multi-CH ChriMaso's Midnight Mai Tai - "Taison"
ChriMaso Brandy Alexander - "Brandy" (changed to Lexi)

Drinks Litter


Am/Intíl CH Coolís Big Bang Theory CH Keonís C and Kís Joint Venture ROM Charnette One Man Band OKeon
Keonís Secretary of State
CH Cool Krak-Mont Dream CH Krak-Montís Final Impression
CH Keonís Independent Spirit
Intíl CH ChriMasoís Ruth ala Loretta Alessiís Buster Brown Rockyís Little Rowdy
Rosie Budde
Wheezy Louise Bettencourt Can. CH. Eliteís For Whom The BellTols
Bettencourtís Sugar Babe

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