CH ChriMaso's Love on the Run

DashDash is a singleton puppy from Taison's first litter since his return from travelling the world. She is a product of the dreaded "oops litter", but what a great "unplanned" surprise! Her name actually comes from how she was conceived... I was actively showing Tequila, so wasn't interested in breeding her yet,but as nature would have it, she came in season. As always, I was quite diligent in keeping her away from the boys. If she was in the house, they were outside with the doggy door closed so they couldn't get in or they were crated and vice versa. Anyway, one evening I was bringing the boys in from outside and accidentally left the sliding door open. I wasn't too worried as I knew the doggy door was closed, so put the dogs in the crate, except Taison, who took off out the slider. Of course, I ran after him to bring him back inside so I could put Tequila out for awhile, but he was just too fast for my fat rear as I tried to waddle after him. I finally caught up to him at the back fence and he ran around me and shot off like a rocket (who knew little dogs could run SO fast!!!). He ran back into my bedroom through the slider and before I could even get back to the house, jumped up on the bedroom door and popped it open so he could run into the livingroom to "woo" Tequila. I ran as fast as my chubby legs would carry me, but I was at least 45-60 seconds behind Taison and by the time I huffed and puffed my way into the livingroom, it was too late. They were "in love" and as I glared at them both, they just grinned and gave me the "what? what's wrong?" look. So, Dash was conceived literally "on the run..." Lucky that "L" (i.e., "love") was the theme too, so it was kind of kismet, if you will.

Fortunately, I adore the little stinker. She was blessed with the best qualities of both mom (Tequila) and dad (Taison) including Taison's "look at me" attitude, as well as with their amazing loving and affectionate personalities. Her amazing structure, confident movement, and showy personality are eye catchers and the judges thought so too as she finished in almost exactly one year with limited showing. She began by making us all proud the first time she entered the ring - She hit the ring knowing exactly what to do too - her first day in the ring she walked away with 2 points by taking WB and shortly after that she took BW/BOW at the host club show before the 2010 National Specialty going over 68 bitches!!! Not a bad way to begin a show career. And she finished her championship just as nicely by taking WB/BOW/BOS over specials too. Great job Dash!!!




Dash's Pedigree

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