Our Loving Boys

Yes, these are all my loving boys. Each and every one of them is truly a lovey and kissy boy, as you can see. And I admit it - they are all "momma's boys" too. But I wouldn't have them any other way – after all, a kiss (or a million...) a day keeps the blues away, right? These gorgeous boys are sound, healthy, sweet, and everything you'd want in a Boston.

Pamela and Taison
© Tom Wiegard / The Winning Image

CH ChriMaso's Roll On 18 Wheeler

GCH ChriMaso's Are We There Yet?
CH ChriMaso's Fraternity Toga Party 
Sid Am/Can CH ChriMaso's Obsidian Prince of Togra
Butler Am BIS/Can CH Kirkwood's Cosmo Knows Who DunIt ROM
Taison Multi CH ChriMaso's Midnight Mai Tai
Troy Brad Pitt du Grand Fresnoy
Cannon Am/Int'l CH Cool's Big Bang Theory

All dogs used for breeding are tested as recommended by the Boston Terrier Club of America's Health Committee. Tests for deafness (BAER), genetic eye disease (CERF), and luxating patella are all performed at the suggested intervals. In addition, each of my dogs are cardiac tested and have their spines x-rayed and reviewed by the Orthodpedic Foundation for Animals. Results are all made public and all certifications can be viewed online at the OFA website.