CH ChriMaso's Roll On 18 Wheeler

DieselDiesel is a love. What can I say? Some days, he's stoic and super serious like an old man, and some days, he's a silly goof ball. He is a wonderful blend of his mom, Sizzle, and his dad, Bumble, and I honestly couldn't be more in love with this little man. Even though he is a sweet cuddle buddy who loves to sleep with momma, he's a confident, fluidly moving guy with a solid, level topline and lovely neck. His profile is beautiful and he enjoys being in the ring.

He surprised me by finishing his championship very quickly (4-1/2 weekends/clusters of shows), earning his grand championship less than a month later, and jumping to the number 3 slot for Boston Terriers in the National Owner Handled Series (NOIHS), only 5 weeks later. And he accomplished all that by the time he was a mere 15 months of age! I am very excited and cannot wait to see how he does after he fully matures.


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