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September 29, 2008 - February 22, 2009

ClutchI was so looking forward to showing Clutch in the spring. He was my loving, sweet Butler x Serene puppy from the "Road Crew" litter. He had a huge heart, loved playing tug of war with Miter, and adored snuggling and being snuggled. He may not have been on this earth a long time, but I loved him as big as if he'd been 10 years old.

Clutch's short life stunned us all. He wasn't quite five months old when he was viciously attacked by a bobcat in my backyard. I heard a horrible commotion and ran out in time to scare off the bobcat, but not soon enough to save poor Clutch. It was a terrible sight to see. I rushed him to my local e-vet, but was referred to a different e-vet who had more advanced equipment and better technology. But even they could do nothing to save Clutch. In addition to his tremendous blood loss, his jaw was fractured in at least two places (one was extremely severe), there was significant internal damage (his bowel was nearly ripped in half), he was in shock, and they could not get him stabilized. He was in horrible pain even with the pain shot and their exact words to me were "I know this is a painful decision to make, and we could try to stabilize him with IV fluids and IV antibiotics in hopes he would regain enough stability to do surgery, but he's suffering, and I don't know that we could save him." That's gentle vet speak for you need to let him go so he stops suffering and can be put out of his misery. It was horrible... he died in my arms, but he is no longer suffering.


Clutch's other mom, Jamey Spowart of Sage Hill Kennels,  loved him too...


Broken Heart

I love and miss you my sweet little boy.... God speed to heaven...

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