General Boston Terrier Information

There is a ton of information about the Boston Terrier on the Internet. Just do a Google search and you will find everything, including untruths, about them that you ever wanted to know and probably lots that you didn't want to know too! LOL I am not going to try to rewrite the book on Bostons, but want to give some information based upon my own personal experience, as well as a few places you can go to find out more information.

First of all, I have to say that Bostons truly ARE the best breed least in my opinion. In general, they are smart, funny, easy to train, versatile, good with kids, adults and other animals, docile while also being active, sweet, and very easy keepers requiring little grooming and general maintenance. Now, that being said, there are ALWAYS exceptions that can occur. If a puppy, any puppy - not just a Boston puppy, is not well socialized, wasn't handled much, etc., it may be timid, fearful, or unsure of itself. These can lead a puppy to become a biter as an adult because of fear or aggression. That is why it is critical that you purchase from a REPUTABLE breeder and not someone who is just out to make a buck or help supply the masses with a cute bundle of joy. On my Other Links page, you will find links to other sites that give you plenty of information to help you find and select a reputable breeder. I will simply say that being reputable breeders are based upon their actions and not the number of clubs they belong to nor the positions they may hold in those clubs. Anyone can be a member/officer of a club, but only a reputable breeder breeds solely for the improvement of the breed and may or may not belong to a club.

Along with that, it would be helpful if you knew what a Boston should look like. You can see that by not only visiting the pages of my dogs, but even more so, by reading the Boston Terrier Standard on the BTCA's website. You will find that there is NO SUCH THING as a rare-colored Boston. There are only approved colors (black & white or black with brindle & white, seal & white or seal with brindle & white, or brindle & white) and unapproved colors, which result in disqualification in the conformation ring. These unapproved colors include red, fawn, white, pie-bald, blue, cream, and any other non-approved color. Reputable breeders DO NOT breed for these colors. While red or pie-balds may pop up once in a great while with a reputable breeder, it does not happen often and they are sold purely on spay/neuter contracts. There are other websites such as those on Brindle Hill Elite Bostons, Sekc's Zoo, and Deisign Boston Terriers that provide a plethera of information.

What else are Bostons good for besides companionship? Since they are smart AND loving, they are great therapy dogs. Several of mine have gone to the local assisted-living community and everyone just LOVES the Bostons. They are small enough to get on the residents' laps and also are great little hams and love all the attention. Plus, they are easy to teach tricks to and then show off to everyone.

Even if you don't have a Boston suitable for the conformation ring (or maybe YOU don't like the ring....), there are LOTS of other events that your Boston and you may like to try out. Agility, flyball, obedience, rally, and believe it or not, even herding. My Bostons love to hike and swim, so camping and going to the lake is always on the top of their list to do. None of those events require that a Boston meet the Standard, just that they can perform the task and honestly, any activity that you do with your Boston will just strengthen your bond even more and who wouldn't want that?

Okay, well, that's it for now.... check back periodically as I may have more information to post later, or if there's something you'd like to see on my website, drop me a line and let me know. Thanks for visiting!