ChriMaso's Mighty Mite for SV

MiterMiter is from my “Insects” litter. He was born a VERY tiny little guy (only 3.5 oz…normal for a Boston is usually twice that). Some people called him a “runt”, but being a "runt" doesn't even come close to describing him. I knew as soon as he was born that something was wrong and to my utter dismay, it was determined that it was fluid on the brain (hydrocephalus). According to an ultrasound, his brain was compressed to roughly 25% of the size it should have been by the fluid that occupied the other 75% of the cavity in the skull. He was sickly due to a compromised immune system and didn't see well due to the pressure on his optic nerves as well. We later found out that he was also unilaterally deaf.

As you can seen from some of his “puppy” pictures, he was extremely tiny with a head that was disproportionately large, so he couldn't walk well because he head kept making him tip over. Not only was his balance poor, but his depth perception was inhibited due to the fluid and he would walk into things all the time, which caused damage to his eyes.

In addition to this, he scratched his cornea at just a few weeks of age and at the same time came down with an upper respiratory infection. Add that to the fact that his siblings drank all the milk before he could latch on, left him with very little chance of survival. He was weaned onto mush so that he could get the nutrition he needed to grow, but his throat was so tiny, he couldn’t get anything solid. He was nearly 2 months old before he was able to eat real kibble.


During part of this time, I was on my honeymoon and had it not been for Valerie Korff of SV Boston Terriers, who took care of Miter and his littermates, for several weeks during part of his most crucial time, I doubt Miter would have made it. Her care and attention to every detail made it possible for her to catch every infection and injury immediately, so that vet care could be promptly administered.

He had less than a 5% chance of survival, and not only did he beat those odds, but he's thrived and is truly Mr. Personality. It took a lot of time, energy and dedication to help bring him through, as well as tons of prayers from a wonderful Boston community called the Woofboard, but he's a miracle boy no matter how you look at it. He is now a whopping 11.8 lbs of pure orneriness, silliness, and spoiledness. Just as it should be! 

Miter is also fearless and you can see in this video.

A photo of newborn Miter was taken by Valerie Korff.
This beautiful drawing was done by Woofie from Valerie's photo.
Many thanks to both of you.  This means a lot to me!





Miter Miter Miter

Miter may not be a star in the show ring, but he's a star at home and everywhere he goes!

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